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Interview with Japanese film director and animator Masaaki Yuasa

A conversation with Masaaki Yuasa, Eunyoung Choi and Justin Leach, makers of the short film "Kick-Heart"

Interview to Joaquín Reyes

Do I need to introduce Joaquin Reyes? One of the most groundbreaking comedians of the last years, creator of the pythonian sketch, driver of the always surprising Manchego lexicon, imitator of celebrities... and a draftsman with a very personal style, as this is his original profession.

Mercedes Marro, director of Tomavistas, interview

Mercedes Marro is the director of Tomavistas, audiovisual producer specialized in animation series. We’ve talked with her about her success “Lara què fem?”(Ask Lara)-nominated to the Emmy Kids Awards last February-, about projects which are about to appear and about the real situation of Catalan and Spanish animation.

Making of Animac 2014 (Octavi Espuga)
Taller amb EAM - PomaPopaPera 2014 (Maya Yonesho)
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La Paeria - Ajuntament de Lleida

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