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Networking & Pitch

As every year, Animac grows and consolidates as a meeting point for professionals, with the aim of encouraging the dissemination of all types of projects, services and talents.


I am a creator and I have an idea
Animac Incubator is a small and comfortable place surrounded by great professionals where you can submit your creation. You can take your project in a pre-production, production or post-production stage and a panel of distinguished professionals from the animation industry will give their expert opinion on it. Animac Incubator acts as a link between an established industry and one that is emerging, formed by independent agents like you, which most of the times is dropped beneath the big producers and institutions’ radar.

How it works
You must file this APPLICATION FORM before genuary the 23th. After selecting the project, we will contact you providing all the details of the presentation.



I am an animator and I want to show my skills

The Portfolio Sessions are the most effective way to publicise your work as a freelancer (animator, character designer, rigger, screenwriter, producer, art director, etc.) to producers and directors of the sector vis-a-vis.

How it works
You must submit this APPLICATION FORM before genuary the 23th. After selecting the Portfolios, we will contact you providing all the details.

By the mere fact of registering, you will be invited to the Vermouth freelance, an informal meeting that will be held at Animac with the participation of other independent creators.



Networking & Pitch will also host a session for  schools from the world of animation. Likewise, we will count on the presence of several stands of schools at the space Animacrea. If you want to participate, contact to



More than 50% of workers in the animation industry in Catalonia and Spain are independent artists, that is to say freelancers. One of the novelties of Animac 2014 is the Freelance Vermouth: all the media freelancers (animators, designers, graphic artists...) are invited to an informal meeting of animation freelancers, coinciding with the Networking & Pitch activities and lectures.


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